Pierre Tremblay's short film Wide Quietness uses multiple moving images simultaneously, creating a kaleidoscope-like effect. All of the footage is of Pierre swimming in outdoor, geothermal-heated Icelandic pools. My electroacoustic work Inopa-Naipo provides the soundtrack to the film. The music was composed in 2012 by recording sounds from inside an acoustic piano and transforming them using frequency sweeps, looping, and other effects. To make some of these sounds, I 'prepared' the piano by muting the strings before I played, and for others I scraped and banged directly on the strings inside the piano.

About Wide Quietness:

"I was swimming outside during the Winter in Iceland - mindful space - unpredictability of thought - thousand synaptic connections - instant infinity - wonder amplified by repetition - cyclical flow - continually in flux. "

About filmmaker Pierre Tremblay and his work:

"An important aspect of his artistic practice combining new technologies and video has to do with experience, fragility of moments – intertwining different activities mainly walking, biking and swimming in relation to attention, repetition, pattern and questions the world in flux, how we see and perceive. An interdisciplinary artist, Pierre Tremblay is an Associate Professor in the School of Image Arts at Ryerson University in Toronto."