Saturday Sept 8 2018 - I'll be on the University of Calgary campus as part of the awesome Alumni Weekend events! Come to the Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall at the Rozsa Centre, 1:45 - 2:45 and hear three of my chamber music pieces performed by U of C graduate students (School of Creative and Performing Arts shout-out!!) Angela Smart on violin, Ethan Mitchell on cello and James Chen on piano.

I'll be joined onstage in-between performances by two U of C Dept. of geography researchers to talk on the subjects that inspired the music: ice, forest fires, and the environment of the Canadian sub-Arctic. Hydrologist and permafrost researcher Dr. Masaki Hayashi and cryosphere/glaciology research / doctoral student Eleanor Bash. My fellow nerds of things northern and cold!

Check out the details here!

On the program is my piano trioCandle Ice, violin+piano work Magnetic Northand cello+piano piece Frost Under Fire. 

And there's loads of other funky things being put on by / for / with U of C alumni and the Calgary community. Klingon, football, pancakes, community engagement, science, art... the full info at this link.

Here's me in 2015 when I graduated with a Masters in Music. The U of C has done so much for me - the place and especially the people. Can't wait to be back at school!