The Breathing Hole - theatre time! July 30 - Sept 22 in Stratford Ontario. I'm doing the sound design and music for a brand new, powerful Canadian play at the Stratford Festival. Written by Governor General award-winning writer Colleen Murphy and directed by Reneltta Arluk (first Inuk director at Stratford!), The Breathing Holetouches on history, cultural interactions between Inuit and non-Inuit, and climate change.

This is not the first time I've worked in theatre and live stage productions, but it's the first time I've been so immersed! It is a very cool world to be exploring. I've been in residence at the Stratford Festival since mid-May and have become completely ensconced in the world of theatre magic! 

There will be 8 "preview" shows (like public trial-runs - cheaper tickets!) running from July 30 - August 17, and the show officially runs from August 18 - September 22. I'm blessed to be working with fantastic Head of Sound technician Mel Renaud, and a phenomenal cast of actors - some of whom are long-time Stratford Festival players, and some are relatively new to theatre like me! One special note is that there are more Inuit and First Nations actors in this play than any in this history of the Stratford Festival!

Brief description of the play: "Intersecting with Canada’s history from the moment of First Contact to a future ravaged by climate change, this saga follows the mythic adventures of a polar bear to a profoundly moving conclusion." Prepare for life-size polar bear puppets, a 500-year story arc, amazing acting and of course, beautiful soundworlds!


Toronto Star: “Gasp at emotional depth of Breathing Hole at Stratford Festival”
National Post: “What War Horse did for horses, this does for bears”
Slotkin Letter: “earnest, often powerful play about an epic journey”
Capital Critics Circle: “One for the memory books”
Stratford Beacon Herald “Beautiful minimalist sets”
Globe and Mail: “Existence, pursued by a polar bear in Stratford Festival’s The Breathing Hole”