I'm going to record my first studio album this year! And to get the project going, I am launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise part of the funds needed.

Cool perks are up for grabs for those who can support my Indiegogo campaign! Here's more details on the album, and the online fundraising.

Click here to head to my Indiegogo page!

The album will include a balance of lyrical folk music and edgy, enchanting chamber music. Why am I bringing together these two kinds of music? Why put a love song beside a piano trio about candle ice? or an adventure song beside a string quartet about ravens? Because these are the kinds of music that I love to write. And my songs and chamber works both do the same thing, even though they may do it in different ways: they reflect the beauty I experience in the north and in life itself.

One important part of this project is that I will record the album in the North alongside amazing and talented artists from the NWT. I will be singing and playing piano, and the instruments featured in the chamber works will also sound in the songs. The strength of this album will come from all the different components having the same core elements: the inspiration, the instrumentation, the players, the composer, and of course, the themes: beauty, curiosity, and the north.


The Indiegogo page has lots more details - check it out here.