The wild pan-Northern band I get to play in is ON TOUR! The show's called Outside. And the New North Collectiveis an ensemble of Northern performing artists from Yukon and Northwest Territories, Greenland, and special guests. Together, we explore our ideas of north - from the land to the people; from the traditional to the contemporary. The music is diverse and skillful, representative of a multitude of genres include jazz, folk, new music, spoken word, and rock. Guest Performers in Yellowknife: Leela Gilday and Aurora Chorealis; in Alberta it's Leanne Goose. In Toronto we share the show with the hottest band in Nunavut - the Jerry Cans!

Oct 4 Toronto - Koerner Hall

Oct 5 Ottawa - National Arts Centre

Oct 10 Yellowknife - Northern Arts and Cultural Centre

Oct 12 Spruce Grove

Oct 13 Vermillion