New North Collective


I’ve joined the New North Collective! It is a fantastic gathering of artists from all three Territories, and the NNC has created a musical collage of story and song.

“Featuring new work by northern songwriters, the New North Collective explores their idea of north – from the land to the people; from the traditional to the contemporary. The expansive imagery of northern Canada comes to light in songs co-written by a diverse group of songwriters and performed by a seven piece ensemble under the artistic direction of Yukon artist Diyet. Artists from all three northern territories include throat singer/drum dancer Sylvia Cloutier from Nunavut/Nunavik; spoken word artist/bassist Pat Braden; pianist/songwriter Graeme Peters, multi-instrumentalist Bob Hamilton and percussionist Robert Van Lieshout from the Yukon.”

And I have the honour of joining them on keys and vocals!

Big thanks to Debbie Peters and Magnum Opus Management.