Lake Skin


For more information, and for scores and parts, please visit the Canadian Music Centre.

Title: Lake Skin
Year Completed: 2013
Duration: 5:30 mins
Instrumentation: Mixed chorus (SSAATTBB)
Premiere: Yellowknife, Elmer Iseler Singers, 2014

Program Notes:

I have long considered ice to be alive, to have an energy, to have a spirit. Lake Skin is inspired by the ice of the many lakes around Yellowknife NWT, and specifically Great Slave Lake and Prosperous Lake. Since my childhood, this fantastic natural phenomenon has been my playground, my highway, and my fascination. As it grows from paper-thin to over five feet thick, the ice constantly cracks and seals itself, growing ever-stronger. A part of the soundscape has been brought into this piece: wind moving snow over ice, and then descending into the black water itself, full of the cracks of the ice song.