Title: Foxy Fox’s Musical Games
Year Completed: 2018
Duration: 10 mins
Instrumentation: voice and soundfiles
Credits: Commissioned by the 2018 Eckhardt-Gramatté Competition
Premiere: Eckhardt-Gramatté Competition, Brandon MB May 2018. Competition Winner Amy Hillis (violin) and Katherine Dowling (piano)

Program Note:

Can contemporary music be fun? Yes it can! Foxy Fox's Musical Games has 8 sections, each with a different sense of play, in the engagement and excitement sense of the word. The players have to improvise, engage with the audience, incorporate new and old childhood songs, and play musical equivalents of the game of tag, chasing each other like a couple of young fox pups. Through these "games" I want to blur the line between composer and performer, and give each player moments to make musical choices.The interaction/relationship between the two players must be active and supportive, even if moments occur when there is musical teasing or friendly competition.