Title: Every Freeze is Different
Year Completed: 2017
Duration: 8 mins
Instrumentation: large chamber ensemble (9-part flexible instrumentation)
Credits: Commissioned by the Longest Night Society
Premiere: Problematic Orchestra, Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse Yukon, December 21 2017

This is my first composition that is designed to have a flexible instrumentation - this means that every performance can potentially have a completely different set of performers and instruments than a previous one. Designed to compliment the ever-changing availability of performers in small towns, it also accentuates how every musical performance of any composition is new every time. As I wrote the piece, I was watching the snow fall, the ice form on lakes, some leaves fall from trees, some leaves cling still green - and I realized once again how the repeating cycles and seasons of all parts of life have infinite variations to be explored and celebrated.