Title: Bend, Willow Branch
Year Completed: 2017
Duration: 3 mins
Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, cello
Credits: Commissioned by Classics On Stage Yellowknife
Premiere: COSY, June 2017 Yellowknife

BendWillow Branch is a piece inspired by the low willow trees growing on the shores of Great Slave Lake. They are a commonly found tree, but they possess many beautiful qualities that I explore in this piece. Their flexibility and speedy growth, their healing powers, the graceful branches that are exposed in the spring before leaves emerge, with the softest of downy willow tips welcoming the sun. I wrote this poem as I composed the work, and include lines at specific points in the performers' scores.

branches, long and slim
growing and softening in spring
weaving through the boreal forest
weaving the dream catcher circle
glowing deep and red
as the sap begins to flow
healing and wisdom
hidden in the bark
after the winter snows pull and bend