Art of Giving


“The Art of Giving” is a project spearheaded by Yellowknife filmmaker France Benoit, that gives a beautiful and touching glimpse into people who give – in many possible ways! Local charities, school organizations, and individuals who contribute quietly to their community at work or on their own time. Over 30 examples of “giving” are made into short films, musical compositions, spoken word stories, and stunning photographs (photo credit: Kirsten Murphy). I was able to contribute to this project in two works of art.

Tuning In is an sound-telling composition I composed using sounds of a piano being tuned and played, and voices. This work was an early exploration into bridging storytelling with composition using sounds from my environment (electroacoustic music). It tells the story of a piano tuner who finds lost, forgotten, and damaged pianos and brings them to life once more. Click and then click the photo that matches the one above to hear Tuning In.

See Giving, Hear Giving, Live Giving is an audio montage of sounds and voices from the 17 short films created part of the Art of Giving project. Click  and then click the photo that matches the one above to hear See Giving, Hear Giving, Live Giving.

“How do you encompass giving into one moment? One sound? One image? It is impossible. Even a single act of generosity has been preparing itself for years, for entire lives! We use our entire beings when we share something with others. This is why it sings so clearly, and so strongly to our hearts.”

Filmmaker France Benoit and I in my living room, with the piano I used to create Tuning In. Browse through the creations on the Art of Giving website!