Carmen Braden’s second studio album - officially releases September 27 2019 on the Centrediscs label and all major audio distribution platforms.

Album release PARTY in Yellowknife on Thursday September 26th, Museum Cafe. 7:30 - 9pm. Catering by Flavour Trader. Admission by donation. Musical moments, stories from the album journey, thank you’s, and interactive sonic stations! March available: digital download cards, hard copy CDs, and more!

sonic explorations of the sub-Arctic landscape and soundscape imagination transformation harvesting of sounds

five chamber compositions northern and personal inspirations with flexibilities and unpredictabilities reflect endless beauty variety cycles familiarity surprises of the land

filtered through human senses

Carmen Braden’s second studio album Songs of the Invisible Summer Stars celebrates her chamber compositions ranging from trios to the title track septet. Featured on the album on piano, Carmen is joined by a powerhouse of East Coast chamber musicians passionate about contemporary music: Norman Adams, Derek Charke, Nadia Francavilla, Suzanne Lemieux, Susan Sayle and Gillian Smith. Returning as producer and percussionist, Mark Adam works with recording engineer John D. S. Adams of Stonehouse Sound to bring out Carmen’s musical explorations of her environment with a striking clarity of detail and a richness of sonic colours.