A Song for the Dead


This was my first feature film to score, and so I began to look into all the traditional ways to create emotional effects through music. The 15 minute film is a suspenseful and violent tale of betrayal set at a remote cabin. Some of my favourite parts of this film include powerful scenery from the Canadian Shield north of Yellowknife, gorgeous lighting, and an intriguing story line by producers Sarah and Charles Kalnay-Watson.

Working on the audio for this was a challenging process as I learned how to talk to filmmakers, and also how to listen to what they wanted. This was a fantastic learning process on working with timing audio with visuals, and creating music within the film production process overall. I created piano, percussion, and synth parts and had help from session musicians Brendan Callas on trombone and Noah Matsell on violin.

This film gave me my first IMDB listing, and tracks from this album are still available on iTunes (click here for direct link)  with proceeds going to Yellowknife’s Alison McAteer House, a crisis shelter for women.